Who Are We?

Elle, our head cook is somewhat obsessed with cooking and talking to people about their culinary habits. Chatting with her friends over the last year, she found quite a few like cooking, but say they don’t really have a chance to get down to it and want fresh ideas for simple recipes. She wanted to share her love of the kitchen and give people ideas and confidence to cook yummy food, so she started throwing together recipes.  People liked them so she started writing and sharing more and more.

Enter Dave – our esteemed producer and podcast passionista.  Dave and Elle, founders of a much heralded but somewhat eccentric cheese festival, felt the calling for a cooking podcast.   And over several pints and a bowl of bad chips……….Cake or Death was formed.   Quite a few of our friends wanted to get involved, so for every few podcasts we have a different guest presenter who brings their own style (and often daft questions too) to the kitchen.