Egg and roasted tomato sandwich

Egg and roasted tomato sandwich

Cooking time: 50 minutes.

Serves 1.

This is a simple, easy and filling sandwich to take to work. The flavours of rich roasted tomato complement the and creamy hard-boiled egg so much more than raw tomatoes. To make life even easier, the fillings can be made in advance.

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5 cherry tomatoes, washed
1 tsp live oil
1 tsp white vinegar
A pinch of salt
2 eggs
1 tbsp mayonnaise
2 slices of bread
1 tsp margarine or butter


Tin foil
A grill pan or flat tin
Medium saucepan
Chopping board


Preheat the oven to 150 degrees (gas mark 2).

Wash the cherry tomatoes and chop them in half. Put the tomatoes onto the greased tin foil and place on a metal tray or grill pan.

Sprinkle with olive oil, vinegar and salt on to the tomatoes and roast the tomatoes in the oven for about 30 to 45 minutes.

Meanwhile, put the eggs in a pan of cold water, add a sprinkle of salt and place on a medium heat. Once the water is boiling rapidly, cook for a further 5-10 minutes at a good boil.

When tomatoes are roasted (they will have gone shrivelled and darker) remove them from the oven and leave to cool for a few minutes.

Peel the shell from the hard boiled eggs and roughly chop.

Add mayo and mix it into the eggs, but do not thoroughly mash the eggs in the process (as you would for egg mayo), there should still be some good size chunks of yolk and white.

Butter the bread, put egg mixture on top and arrange tomatoes on top. Place the second slice of bread on top.

Slice the sandwich in two and wrap-up or put in a Tupperware box to take to work.

Both the eggs and tomatoes can be made up to two days in advance. If doing so, store tomatoes wrapped in cling film or tin foil and keep the eggs, still in their shells in the fridge.

Listen to the recipe podcast:

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